Wienerlied meets Comedy

With Schmäh, Schmarrn and Melange

The very sound of their names is like music to our ears and makes our mouths water. Kaiserschmarrn. Schinkenfleckerln. Sachertorte. Topfenstrudel.

Yet many dishes of Viennese cuisine do not originate in Vienna at all, but at best from various provinces of the k. u. k. Monarchy. Nevertheless, they are an integral part of the Viennese way of life and many have found their way to the cosiness and humour spreading Viennese songs. geschafft.

The Viennese hotelier's son and singer Marko Formanek takes his audience on a humorous culinary, musical and cultural journey through his home town and provides a treat for the ears and palate, to which the evening's culinary offerings are lovingly tailored.

Photo: Marko Formanek in what was then the family's own Hotel Fürstenhof in Vienna.

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