German language premiere

Rumpelstiltskin family musical

In autumn 2019 we produced the German-language premiere of the musical Rumpelstiltskin penned by BBC Young Composer of the Year Thomas Hewitt Jones and by Wimbledon Poet in Residence Matt Harvey.

Very funny, exciting and also a little scary at times, Rumpelstilzchen offers high-quality entertainment for the whole family.

The MCE team have exclusive rights to the work commissioned by Theatre Royal Bath and, in addition to creating the German version, also managed the entire production, staging and set design as well as the production of the soundtrack including the CD release.

The creatives

music - Thomas Hewitt Jones

book and lyrics - Matt Harvey

translation and editing - Hauke Wendt

directed by - Jacqui Dunnley-Wendt

Music Director - Hauke Wendt

set design - Jacqui Dunnley-Wendt, Mikeska GmbH (metal construction), Eckehard Keil (timber construction), Die Sprüherei | Anh Duc Nguyen (illustration), Heidi Lammi-Brink, Eric Wendt

props - Jacqui Dunnley-Wendt and Jörn Grosse

costume design - Jacqui Dunnley-Wendt and Anke Wendt

lights and sound - Fabio Larralde | Sound und Light Service GmbH, Eric Wendt

audio editing - Torben Widdermann

graphics - Torben Widdermann and Tim Harvey

photos - Patrick Niemeier

intern - Greta Giese

producer - Musical Creations Entertainment GmbH

executive producer - Hauke Wendt

soundtrack released on the Musical Creations label (LC23004)

first performance: the egg, Theatre Royal Bath, November 2014 / Lotte Wakeham (Director) and Malcolm Newton (Musical Director).


Emily - Hannah Leser

Rumpelstiltskin - Gavin Turnbull

The King - Jörn Grosse

The baker - Alex Brugnara


piano – Thomas Hewitt Jones

trumpet – Peter Wendt

guitars - Torben Widdermann

bass - Volker Schwanke

drums - Hauke Wendt

mixing and mastering by Torben Widdermann and Florian Sommer


Special thanks to the producer of the original production, Alice Harper, Kate Cross and the entire team at the Egg, Theatre Royal Bath as well as Malcolm Newton for helping and supporting this Rumpelstiltskin to find its way back to Germany.

the new Rumpelstiltskin family musical

After her father has made a promise to the king that she cannot possibly keep, the poor miller's daughter Emily finds herself in a room full of straw that she must spin into gold by dawn. Then a stranger appears who offers to do this task for her in exchange for her jewellery. However, the challenges for Emily become greater and greater and soon she has no more jewellery to trade, forcing her to give up her most beloved and valuable treasure - should she not guess the stranger's name.

This tale from the Brothers Grimm collection of loose lips, desperate deals and the power of names is an adaptation full of magic, misdeed and togetherness from the pens of humourist and poet Matt Harvey and award-winning composer Thomas Hewitt Jones in a production by Jacqui Dunnley-Wendt, produced exclusively in German by Hauke Wendt for Musical Creations Entertainment and presented by a top-class professional ensemble:

The role of Emily is played by Hannah Leser, who portrayed the title role in MARY POPPINS at the Theater an der Elbe in Hamburg. Rumpelstiltskin is played by Gavin Turnbull, who played Timon in Disney's KING OF THE LIONS and Clopin in Disney's THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME. Alex Brugnara played Paulie in ROCKY Hamburg is on stage as Müller and Jörn Grosse as the King, known for his TV work.

The fresh and sometimes cheeky production not only gives the miller's daughter a name, but also tells the story about the miller, his daughter, the equally lovable and useless king and Rumpelstiltskin with catchy music in an entertaining and thought-provoking way. It is suitable for families with children from about 6 years.

Rumpelstiltskin dates and tickets

Sunday, 10.11.2019 - 16h: Königsmoor (Preview)

Saturday, 16.11.2019 - 17h: Ahrensburg, Alfred-Rust-Saal

Sunday, 01.12.2019 - 16h: Ludwigslust, Stadthalle

Wednesday, 04.12.2019 - 16h: Bad Oldesloe, KuB

Saturday, 07.12.2019 - 5pm: Reinbek, Sachsenwaldforum

Sunday, 15.12.2019 - 5pm: Ahrensburg, Alfred-Rust-Saal

We are working on further performances for after the forced break during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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