The thrilling chamber musical

King Kong

The much-filmed story about the struggle between man and ape, prehistory and modernity, love and hope, the delicately beautiful and the violently monstrous, the believed safety and the unexpected, as a musical with three actors - but will the audience also get to see the ape?

Ambition-ridden adventurer Carl Denham, unsuccessful actress Ann Darrow and cynical dropout Jack Driscoll set out to find the legendary Kong. The journey becomes an emotional odyssey with the tender bonds between giant ape and woman, the jealousy of the unequal men and finally the battle between man and ape.

Authors Paul Graham Brown and James Edward Lyons have taken up the clash of civilisations with this epic adventure.

In their King Kong musical, based on the 1930s adventure novel by Delos W. Lovelace, three performers and one musician complete the cast in this fabulous musical adaptation, rich in tempo, emotion and catchy songs.

The creatives

music - Paul Graham Brown

book and lyrics - James Edward Lyons

directed by - Jacqui Dunnley-Wendt

Music director - Hauke Wendt (2016: Doris Vetter)

set design - Jacqui Dunnley-Wendt, Hauke Wendt und Peter Wendt

Requisite – Jacqui Dunnley-Wendt und Britta Schwalba

Kostüme – Frank Thannhäuser und Jacqui Dunnley-Wendt

Band – Paul Graham Brown, Uli Kringler, Heinz Lichius, Jens Wrede

producer - Musical Creations Entertainment GmbH

publishing house - Felix Bloch Erben

The story

Consumed by ambition and obsessed with the urge to conquer the world - at least in pictures - the adventurer Carl Denham travels to the end of the world. In the process, he entices the unsuccessful actress Ann Darrow to joining him on his adventure along with the cynical dropout Jack Driscoll. The journey becomes an emotional and not entirely harmless odyssey through the valley of human abysses, not only for the three homo sapiens, but also for Kong.

Behind Kong's formidable appearance, an astonishingly tender relationship with Ann emerges. The role behaviour of the two men, which was believed to be secure, is shaken. Carl Denham and Jack Driscoll are no longer just fighting each other for Ann's love, Kong also becomes an unequal opponent. Ann experiences familiarity with the mighty Kong for the first time. He forces the three intruders to confront their own demons and becomes the catalyst for their fears and aggressions, but also their possibilities and hopes.

Die Besetzung 2016 / 2022

Ann Darrow – Janne Marie Peters / Elisabeth Hübert

Jack Driscoll – Martin Planz / Tobias Joch

Carl Denham – Marko Formanek

King Kong Musical Szenenfoto MCE Shows

Szenenfotos 2022 (Fotos: Dirk Baasch)

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