The Buddy Holly Tribute with a big fun factor

Buddy forever.

Five musicians who joined forces in the legendary musical production Buddy - the Buddy Holly story in the port of Hamburg, are a great success in BUDDY forever an evening of real rock'n'roll and lots of fun. BUDDY forever is the logical sequel to Buddy Holly reloaded, which transformed the Imperial Theatre into a rock'n'roll ballroom for (a fabulous) ten years. 

BUDDY forever asks the question of how the music history of the past 60 years would have gone if Buddy Holly had boarded the band bus instead of the plane in which he died in a crash in 1959 at the age of only 22.

the show

Marko Formanek, Torben Widdermann, Stephan Sieveking, Hauke Wendt and the "newcomer" Volker Schwanke are pleased to be in Buddy forever. to show how Buddy Holly has accompanied and shaped the Five throughout their career and will never lose his presence in the future as one of the great pioneers of good old rock'n'roll.

In addition to monthly guest performances at the Imperial Theater on the famous Reeperbahn, the quintet play their way onto various stages with passion, rock'n'roll and always a twinkle in their eyes, taking their music seriously with a banta or two along the way with their audiences, delivering a very versatile and varied tribute to Buddy Holly and their time in the "yellow bag".

Grafik: Torben Widdermann, Foto: Florian Lienkamp

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