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BUDDY the Musical Hamburg

BUDDY das Musical Hamburg was in many ways formative for many: Hauke's first engagement in a professional production and the place where Jacqui and Hauke met. It started with many challenges, BUDDY finally prevailed and is one of the very few productions that was cancelled, although it regularly played to full houses and only to make room for Disney's The Lion King after the takeover by Stage Holding at the time.

Many intense friendships stem from the special time in the "yellow bag" - welded together also by the start-up difficulties of the show - and many colleagues from the time of Buddy the Musical in Hamburg (1994-2001) still enjoy working together.

In the scene on the right: Robin Brosch as Buddy Holly, Jürgen Attig as Joe Mauldin and Hauke Wendt as Jerry Allison.

Versatility in demand

While Jacqui Dunnley-Wendt came to BUDDY das Musical Hamburg twice for shorter engagements and was able to take on various roles on stage as "Swing" and cover for Buddy Holly's wife Maria Elena. Hauke Wendt shared the role of Jerry Allison, friend of Buddy Holly and drummer of the band The Crickets with Helge Teschner after his premiere in August 1995 and also took over various shows at the positions of drums and percussion - a total of over 1,000 times!

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In the second scene photo (from left to right): Marko Formanek as Buddy Holly, Bernard Fichtner as Nikki Sullivan, Hauke Wendt (astride the oil drum) as Jerry Allison and Jens Schierenbeck as Joe Mauldin.

The theatre hall of BUDDY das Musical Hamburg after the last revision of the show with a side stage.

The "New Metropol Musical Theatre", at that time in Hamburg's free port opposite the Landungsbrücken.

The Buddy Holly story Hamburg

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