A Broadway classic as a graduate production

42nd street Hamburg

For 42nd Street Hamburg, we were invited back in 2016 to artistically supervise the graduation project of the Stage School Hamburg: with this title, the school decided to bring a classic of musical literature to the stage of the new First Stage Theatre 20 years after its last performance in Hamburg.

Wir durften auch für 42nd Street Hamburg wieder das Kreativteam zusammenstellen.

The creatives

direction and choreography: Jacqui Dunnley-Wendt

music direction: Hauke Wendt

associate choreographer: Marco Krämer

co-musical direction: Jon Mortimer

set design: Tina Schenderlein

costume design: Claudia Valorzi

make-up: Jarrid Vanden Eynden

light design: Michael Odam

light programming: Christopher Friedrich

sound design: Sven Runge

stage management: Julia Pankowski

The 42nd Street Hamburg project

It is a exceptional challenge to stage a given play with the graduates who passed their final exams just days before rehearsals began - and not to select a suitable cast from a pool of potential actors.

For the fresh graduates, this production is not only the end of their three-year training (and time together), but also the transition from student to professional. Therefore, we try - within the scope of possibilities - to carry out a production phase that is as close to reality as possible.

A great and exciting challenge for us, which we gladly accept together with a strong and flexible team!

From the premiere report in "Die Welt"

From the premiere report in DIE WELT:

"The production by Jacqueline Dunnley-Wendt with the current graduates of the Stage School thrilled with its ravishing, precise and diverse choreography. The tap dances and the other ensemble dances are also the highlight of this musical troupe's performance. In two respects, the creative team made a virtue out of necessity. Firstly, Tina Schenderlein invented a stunning cardboard backdrop. Second, the cost of digging an orchestra pit was eliminated because musical director Hauke Wendt on drums and Jon Mortimer on piano effortlessly replace an entire orchestra while accompanying the show live on stage right."

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