For the first time in Germany

The 24 hour Musicals 2014

The crazy "marathon sprint" of musicals: 4 teams each have 24 hours to cast, write, compose, direct, rehearse and premiere a musical - and all for a good cause:

The 24 hour Musicals 2014 in Ahrensburg.

You can download the programme insert free of charge here.


The creatives, artists and benefit

On the eve of 3 November 2014, numerous celebrities from the German-speaking musical scene met in Ahrensburg to face a special challenge: they were to be given just 24 hours to form 4 different groups, each of which would conceive, write, compose, stage, rehearse and even perform their own musical.

Together with The 24 Hour Plays from New York, Musical Creations Entertainment presents exclusively and for the first time in Germany: the 24 Hour Musicals!

With the successful performance in the Alfred Rust Festival Hall, this benefit event raised €8,000 for the Lebenshilfe Stormarn e.V. Many thanks to all those involved in the 24-hour musicals 2014!

The creatives

Authors: Titus Hoffmann, Nina Schneider, Kevin Schröder, Heiko Wohlgemuth

Composers: Thomas Borchert, Johannes Glück, Lukas Höfling, Adrian Werum

Directors: Denny Berry, Christoph Drewitz, Geriet Schieske, Jacqui Dunnley-Wendt

Musical Directors: Bob Edwards, Holger Kolodziej, Patricia Martin, Jon Mortimer

cast and musicians

Lisa Antoni, Silke, Braas, Charlotte Heinke, Marja Hennicke, Diana Mercoli-Böge, Jennifer Siemann, Wietske van Tongeren, David Arnsperger, Andreas Bieber, Enrico De Pieri, Mathias Edenborn, André Haedicke, Martin Pasching, Drew Sarich, Lucius Wolter, Nicky Wuchinger.

Keyboard: Markus Kuczewski

Guitar: Mattias Drusell

Bass: Derek Marshall

Drums: Philip Albright


Producer: Hauke Wendt for MCE Shows, Production Manager: Renate Gritschke, Producers 24hrs Plays, New York: Philip Naudé / Kelcie Beene, Moderation: Marko Formanek, Lighting Design: Mike Odam, Lighting Operator: Christopher Friedrich, Sound Engineer: Sven Runge, Sound Radio Room: Mareike Baumeister / Joschka Reuss, Stage Manager: Julia Pankowski, Make-up Artist: Jarrid vanden Eynden, Press Office: Natali Frisch.

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