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The Crivitz band TOCCOA not only recorded their debut CD in MCE's studio, but also released it on the MCE label.

TOCCOA was founded in spring 2014 by singer Marc Brendemühl, guitarist Sandy Babenihr and bassist Matthias "Löffel" Weiß, who sadly died in June 2017. In summer 2015, lead guitarist Marcial Garzon from Colombia and drummer Jens Bartels joined the band.

The Crivitz boys quickly gained a firm and dedicated, but steadily growing fan base. The band's own annual music festival "ROCK AM SEE in BARNIN" contributed to their growing popularity, as did numerous joint performances with various US artists on their tours of Germany. In 2015 and 2016, TOCCOA played more than 20 concerts each.

After the death of band co-founder Matthias Weiß, Sebastian Zimmermann was hired as the new bass player. In May 2020, Jens Bartels left the band. Since then, Hubertus Wolf has replaced him on drums.

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In the MCE in-house sound studio, the soundtrack was created with the cast of the German-language premiere of RUMPELSTILTSKIN by Thomas Hewitt-Jones and Matt Harvey under the musical direction of Hauke Wendtwho also wrote the German translation.

The cast features Hannah Leser, Gavin Turnbull, Jörn Grosse and Alexander Brugnara, composer Thomas Hewitt-Jones (piano), Torben Widdermann (guitar), Volker Schwanke (bass) and Hauke Wendt (drums and keyboards) play. Mixed and mastered by Torben Widdermann, released 2019 by MCE.

The first album released through the MCE music label was the CD by Buddy Holly reloaded. Five musicians - leading actors from the Hamburg musical production The Buddy Holly Story - have played regularly for 10 years at the Imperial Theatre on the Reeperbahn and at guest performances all over Germany and Austria, reminiscing with a wink about their time at the famous tent theatre and rock'n'roll pioneer Buddy Holly.

With Marko Formanek, Torben Widdermann, Falko Burkert, Stephan Sieveking and Hauke Wendt. Mixed by Dennis Schmidt.

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